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Do your crowded and misaligned teeth make maintaining good oral health a challenge?

In addition to refining your smile, orthodontics can improve your oral health by making brushing and flossing easier.

Gooch Family Dental offers Invisalign® as a virtually invisible orthodontic solution to our Birmingham, AL, patients.

Orthodontic Care Comes With Several Benefits

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Improved Oral Health

Crowded, overlapping teeth can make flossing and brushing in-between your teeth difficult. If you can't properly clean your teeth and gums, you're at greater risk of developing cavities, gum disease, and other oral health concerns.

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Prevents Disorders

A crossbite or open bite can cause patients to only chew on one side, putting extra stress on the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) muscles. If this pressure is not alleviated by aligning the bite, you may develop a temporomandibular joint disorder.

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Prevents Worn Teeth

A misaligned bite can place unnecessary strain on certain teeth. Excessive wear and tear from a misaligned bite can damage your enamel and eventually lead to worn teeth in need of restorative repair. 

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Enhance Your Appearance

Besides its preventative benefits, orthodontic treatment also provides cosmetic benefits. If you feel self-conscious about misaligned teeth, gaps, and other concerns with your smile, orthodontics can help you straighten your teeth to enhance your appearance.

Maintain Your Oral Health While Straightening Your Teeth

Orthodontists and researchers have found that patients obtain periodontal health easier with clear aligner treatment than with fixed orthodontic appliance treatment. Turkish Journal of Orthodontics

Invisalign What's the benefit?

While both SureSmile and Invisalign® aligners are FDA-approved and recommended by dentists and orthodontists worldwide, our practice solely offers Invisalign clear aligners. Invisalign is an excellent choice for correcting alignment issues such as pronounced overbites or significant tooth gaps.

Experience Luxury Dental Care Request a Consultation

Our dentists aim to crush the common fear of the dentist's office by providing you with a unique, luxury experience.

We offer amenities such as heated massage chairs to help you look forward to your dental appointment instead of dread it. Our goal is to provide customized care that goes above and beyond the conventional expectations of the dentist's office. When you join us at our Birmingham, AL, practice for an orthodontics consultation, you'll be treated with the highest standard of care.

Call or contact us to request a consultation and begin looking at dentistry as a pampering experience:

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Dr. Burton Gooch and his Birmingham, AL, team approach their work differently than your typical orthodontist or dentist.

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Benefits of Clear Aligners Over Braces

Many of our patients choose to treat their dental misalignment with Invisalign clear aligners rather than get braces with an orthodontist. These are a few reasons patients choose aligners over braces:

Invisalign Transparent Teeth


Clear aligners are virtually invisible. Many adult patients prefer clear aligners to braces because of the discretion this treatment provides.

Invisalign Comfortable Teeth


Braces are made of rough metal that can rub against cheeks, causing discomfort and irritation. Meanwhile, Invisalign aligners are made of smooth plastic.

Invisalign Removable Teeth


Removable clear aligners allow patients to eat whatever food they want. Aligners also mean maintaining oral hygiene is a breeze, since they can be removed to brush and floss your teeth. 

Invisalign Less Painful Tooth

Less Pain

Patients who receive braces for orthodontic adjustments report higher levels of discomfort in the first days of treatment than those fixing misalignment issues with clear aligners.

Do I Have to See an Orthodontist?


Not at all. Orthodontists are great to see if you want braces, but they aren't necessary for Invisalign patients. Plus, you can explore other cosmetic dentistry solutions, such as veneers, when you visit our Birmingham, AL, practice.

How Does Invisalign Work? The Process of Orthodontic Treatment

We can preview your results before you put in your first set of aligners.
We can preview your results before you put in your first set of aligners.

Consulting With Our Doctor

Your journey to better teeth begins with an initial consultation with Dr. Gooch or one of our other dentists. Here we'll listen to your dental concerns and develop a customized treatment plan that meets your needs.

Taking Scans of Your Smile

We'll take impressions of your teeth during your consultation using our digital 3D scanner.

Previewing Your Results

With the 3D scans of your smile, your dentist will create a preview of your treatment results before you even put in your first set of aligners.

Wearing the Aligners

If you like your previewed results, it's time to move forward with customized orthodontic care through Invisalign. You'll change your set of aligners every few weeks and check in with our team periodically to ensure everything is going smoothly.

Finalizing Your Results

If you wear your aligners as directed, you'll finish your treatment with a straight smile, kept permanent with a retainer you'll continue to wear at night.

Do Orthodontics Cause Discoloration?

A common concern for patients starting Invisalign, SureSmile, or another form of clear aligner treatment is that their teeth may be discolored after wearing the aligners 20 hours or more a day.

As long as you brush your teeth before putting in your aligners and take them out to eat and drink beverages other than water, severe discoloration isn't a concern.

However, we offer teeth whitening treatments at our Birmingham, AL, practice if you want to polish up your newly straight smile following orthodontics.

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