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Tooth loss negatively impacts your ability to eat and speak clearly and can lead to serious oral health problems if left untreated. 

Gooch Family Dental can restore your oral function and improve your confidence with traditional and implant-supported dentures. 

Learn what state-of-the-art denture treatment at our Birmingham, AL, practice can do for you...

You Are Not Alone! You don't need to be ashamed about missing teeth...

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If you are looking for the best solution for tooth loss, a visit to Gooch Family Dental is the best place to start. While many dentists provide dentures, our advanced practice offers a variety of custom-tailored options to give you the best restorative solution for your needs. Our traditional and implant-supported dentures are incredibly life-like and provide all the functionality you need to feel good about your smile.

Get started on your treatment plan today and schedule a consultation at our Birmingham, AL, dental practice. You can reach us online, or by calling:

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My visit is AWESOME each time. The staff is always so professional and friendly. There’s never a wait for my appointment and the service is first class. I would HIGHLY recommend this office to anyone.

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Great officer and all employees are very personable. I always dreaded going to the dentist, but not here. I feel at ease and appreciate the time they take to walk you through the process. The office is VERY clean and I am thankful for their care.

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Learn about Your Options


​Traditional Complete Dentures

Traditional dentures are removable prosthetic devices composed of artificial gums and teeth. Traditional complete dentures, also referred to as full dentures, are constructed of pink acrylic for the gums and palate, and high-quality plastic or porcelain teeth. Complete dentures span an entire top or bottom arch, resting directly over your gums, and rely on natural suction and specially formulated adhesives for added support.

Partial dentures

​Traditional Partial Dentures

Partial dentures restore several missing teeth and typically include a base of artificial teeth attached to a metal framework that secures around your natural teeth. While some patients with tooth decay are better served with extractions and full dentures, others can use their remaining healthy teeth for additional denture support. During your consultation at our Birmingham practice, we will assess your oral health and determine the best long-term option for your condition. 

Implant denture

Implant-Supported Dentures

Our dentists typically recommend dental implant-retained dentures to patients that qualify. This option can be designed to fill either a full or partial dental arch. Dental implants are placed within the jawbone, replacing missing tooth roots and providing an incredibly stable foundation to secure your denture. Implant dentures look and feel extremely natural, and are the only type of denture that guards against bone loss. Meanwhile, they are fixed in place, eliminating the tedious and often embarrassing aspects of traditional denture care such as rinsing after meals and soaking overnight.

Watch How a Partial Denture Repairs Your Smile...

A partial denture is custom-designed to fill the gaps in your smile. The removable prosthetic features clasps that hook around your natural teeth. 

The Benefits of Dental Implant-Supported Dentures

When you lose even a single tooth, the jaw loses the stimulation the tooth root once provided, which causes the jawbone tissue to recede. Implants act as artificial tooth roots to provide the jaw with the stimulation it needs to stay healthy. And because your dentures are secured to the implants, you won't have to worry about them slipping when you eat or speak, and you do not need to deal with denture adhesives. Implant-supported dentures look and function just like natural teeth. 

Choosing the Best Denture

There are several factors our patients in the greater Birmingham, AL, region must consider before choosing their denture...


While implant-supported dentures are generally considered the best restoration method, not everyone qualifies for implant treatment. Patients need to have sufficient bone density to support dental implants or first undergo a bone graft to supplement their jaw tissue. Implants also involve a surgical procedure, so treatment is not recommended for patients who smoke or have medical conditions that can increase the risks of surgery. 


Traditional removable dentures are more affordable than dental implants. While we are glad to offer flexible financing through CareCredit®, patients on a tight budget may find removable dentures more appealing. Our dentists can provide you with a cost estimate and go over your payment options during a consultation to help you find the best treatment option.

Expectations & Goals

You should not underestimate the value of fixed stability for your denture. Unlike removable prosthetics, implant-supported dentures never slip out of place and feel virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth. Patients must also be prepared for gum recession and bone atrophy to advance in the years following tooth loss. Both these conditions make wearing a removable denture more difficult and painful as time goes on. On the other hand, implant posts stimulate the jawbone, preserving your bone health and dental function for life.

Unparalleled Attention to Detail Designing Your Custom Denture

We never take shortcuts at Gooch Family Dental. Our dentists craft each and every prosthetic with the highest quality materials and latest dental technology to achieve consistently superior dentures. We take into account your unique facial features and aesthetic preferences in order to enhance your entire appearance and help you feel totally confident.

Our Birmingham, AL, practice works in collaboration with a reputable dental lab for denture manufacturing and repairs. The skilled lab technicians are specially trained in the latest production methods and hand-craft each custom restoration. In as little as two weeks, your denture will be ready and you can return to the office to have it adjusted and placed. 

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Great experience, very low amount of time sitting in the waiting room. Really nice staff that gives you the feeling that they care about taking good care of their clients…

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Always a great experience from scheduling appointments, checking in, very professional staff, service and check out! Highly recommend!

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Living with significant tooth loss can be miserable. Fortunately, dentures can replace an entire arch of missing teeth, restoring your oral function, allowing you to eat the foods you love, and speak with confidence.

Our team of skilled dentists and dental professionals is dedicated to providing you with high-quality care in a comfortable environment. We offer luxury amenities like heated massage chairs and comprehensive treatment options so you can get the care you need in one location. 

Start your journey to the smile of your dreams. Request a denture consultation by contacting us using our online form or by calling our dental practice in Birmingham, AL:

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Denture Timeline

This timeline will vary depending on the type of denture you need and whether you need preparatory treatment such as implant placement, periodontal treatment, or tooth extractions:


During your initial consultation at our Birmingham dental practice, your dentist will examine your mouth and discuss your oral health history and goals to determine which type of denture would most benefit you. 


Impressions will be taken of your mouth to craft your custom dentures. These are sent to our trusted lab. It takes about two to three weeks for the lab to fabricate your denture.

Temporary Dentures

While you wait for your permanent dentures, we will provide temporary dentures so you can enjoy some restored functionality.

Permanent Dentures

Once your dentures are complete, you will have an appointment for a fitting. This allows your dentist to ensure they fit and function properly and do not cause you pain or gum irritation. If you have dental implants, your dentist will secure them to the implants during this appointment. 

Enjoy Your Smile

All that is left to do is enjoy your new smile.

Have questions about the process?

Life with Dentures

​Aftercare and Maintenance

It can take some time to get accustomed to removable dentures, especially as the muscles in your mouth strengthen and adapt to the prosthetic. Over time, your denture should begin to feel more natural and comfortable. Expect to visit our Birmingham practice periodically for adjustments to the fit. Care for your traditional dentures by removing and soaking overnight in denture solution, and brushing twice a day over a soft towel. 

In contrast, implant-supported dentures require far less maintenance. For the most part, they are cared for like natural teeth and stay in your mouth until periodic check-ups. If you have any questions at all about caring for your dentures, don't hesitate to contact our dentists

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Gooch Family Dental is dedicated to providing convenient, comprehensive dentistry to the community in Birmingham, AL. We take advantage of the latest dental technology to streamline treatment, and deliver fast, beautiful results. Our proud affiliations include:

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