Enhance the Smile with Treatment for Overlapping Teeth By Burton Gooch on October 12, 2017

Straight, even teethIn an ideal smile, the teeth sit closely beside each other, with each tooth sitting straight in its proper position. Unfortunately, few people have that ideal smile. One of the most common misalignment problems is overlapping teeth. When a patient has overlapping teeth, one of more of the teeth sits partially in front of the tooth immediately beside it. This not only interferes with the appearance of the smile, but in some cases, may also compromise oral functions.

Cosmetic dentistry treatments address imperfections that interfere with the appearance of the smile, including overlapping teeth. While cosmetic dentistry treatment is often enough to enhance a smile marred by overlapping teeth, some patients may require orthodontic treatment. The experienced team of dentists at Gooch Family Dentistry can discuss the most common treatments for overlapping teeth and offer our Birmingham, AL patients a treatment plan that is best-suited to their unique needs.

Cosmetic Treatments for Overlapping Teeth

When determining the most appropriate treatment for overlapping teeth, it is important to consider how the misalignment is affecting the smile. If overlapping teeth are not causing any structural damage or functional problems, then cosmetic dentistry treatment is a suitable option. Cosmetic dentistry treatments improve the appearance of the teeth so that patients can enjoy teeth that appear straight, even, and attractive. The most common cosmetic treatment for overlapping teeth is porcelain veneers.

Porcelain veneers are thin ceramic shells that can be bonded to the facial surface of a single tooth or a set of teeth. These fabrications are customized for each patient, so they improve the appearance of the teeth while still maintaining a natural appearance for the smile.

Prior to placing porcelain veneers, our dentists will remove a thin layer of tooth enamel. By removing this enamel, we can ensure that the veneers sit flush against the teeth and remain on the same plane as untreated teeth.

Once preparation is complete and the patients customized veneers have been fabricated, they will be bonded in place using a dental compound that is hardened with a special light. The bonding process strengthens the teeth while the veneers themselves enhance the smile by concealing a full range of cosmetic imperfections, including overlapping teeth, tooth discoloration, dental stains, and chips and fractures.

Orthodontic Treatment

If a dental examination finds that overlapping teeth are interfering with oral functions or causing additional oral health problems, it is likely that cosmetic dentistry treatment alone will not be enough to address the situation. By correcting the position of the teeth, orthodontic treatment also greatly improves the appearance of the smile. Traditional braces are a great option for correcting the bite and straightening the teeth. However, patients who are looking for a more discreet option may want to consider Invisalign® invisible braces. Our dentists can provide patients with further information on each of these orthodontic treatments.

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If you find yourself hesitant to laugh or smile because you’re insecure about overlapping teeth, the experienced team of dentists at Gooch Family Dentistry can help. Contact us at your earliest convenience to learn more about the dental treatments for overlapping teeth.

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