The Most Common Causes of Damage to Dental Crowns By Burton Gooch on March 10, 2015

A bearded, bespectacled man with radiant teeth, free from damaged dental crownsWell-made dental crowns can last for many years with proper oral hygiene regimens and regular dental visits. Unfortunately, as many people have discovered the hard way, not all dental crowns are equally well made. And even those dental crowns that are custom crafted from the finest materials available can withstand only so much wear and tear before they finally become damaged. This is true of natural teeth, as well.

At the family and cosmetic dentistry practice of Dr. Burton Gooch, we take pride in providing patients with dental crowns that are built to last, as well as with the education they need to ensure the longevity of their durable, aesthetically pleasing restorations. Furthermore, at our dental practice in Birmingham, damaged dental crowns can be replaced by modern, state-of-the-art dental crowns that will provide years of function and beautiful smiles. As a patient of Dr. Gooch’s, you can expect nothing less than the best in dentistry.

Why do dental crowns commonly become damaged? Some of the blame may be attributed to the quality of the crown, while some of the blame may lie with the patient. It all depends on the nature of the damage and the circumstances surrounding the chip, crack, or dislodgement.

Common Reasons for Damage to Dental Crowns

When choosing a dentist, it is extremely important that you consider more than just the cost of treatment. While cost certainly is a factor for most people, saving money in the short term can actually cost you a lot more money in the long term. Dentists who advertise low prices above the quality of their work have to make their profits somehow. Often, they cut corners by using materials that are less than optimal quality. Dental crowns made of low-quality materials will naturally have a shorter lifespan than dental crowns made of premium-quality materials.

That being said, you cannot necessarily assume that a dentist who charges the highest prices necessarily uses the highest quality materials either. Do your homework. Read reviews of the dentist in question and ask direct questions during your consultation about the materials used in dental crowns and other restorations.

As stated above, however, patients often bear responsibility for the damage to dental crowns. When patients are fitted with dental crowns of even the highest quality, they should avoid chewing on ice, pen caps, and their own fingernails, as they should even if they have a mouth full of healthy natural teeth. They should also limit their consumption of chewy, sticky, hard, and crunchy foods. Again, this is true even of patients without crowns, as these foods can be extremely damaging to the natural teeth. However, they can shorten the lifespan of dental crowns substantially if eaten excessively.

If you suffer from chronic teeth grinding, it is important that you seek treatment immediately, as this habit can also lead to the premature failure of your dental crowns. A custom-crafted night guard can help to protect your crowns, as well as your natural teeth, from the damaging effects of teeth grinding.

Learn More about the Causes of Damaged Dental Crowns

To learn more about the causes of damaged dental crowns, please contact the family and cosmetic dentistry practice of Dr. Burton Gooch today.

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