Causes Attributed to Gum Disease

By summer on January 22, 2014

What are the causes attributed to gum disease?

Your mouth continually works to produce a sticky, clear substance that is known as plaque. This substance is loaded with bacteria. The bacteria that are contained within plaque will end up producing toxins that irritate your gums and end up causing your gum tissue to break down. When you fail to do a good job eliminating the plaque, it will end up spreading into your gums and causing damage to the bones that work to support your teeth. Over the course of time, the plaque will end up hardening into a substance known as tartar. The only way to eliminate tartar is through a dentist.

Some of the common factors that attribute to gum disease are:

  • Failure to properly clean your teeth

  • Chewing or smoking tobacco

  • Family history of gum disease

  • Conditions that make it more difficult for your body to ward off an infection, such as that of elevated stress levels, inadequate diet lacking in nutrients, AIDS, diabetes and leukemia

In the next post we'll discussGum Disease: Do You Have It?


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