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Bad breath is often the direct cause of poop dental health, but they may also be a sign of other underlying problems with your health. Your breath can become worse because of the types of food that you consume or because of an unhealthy lifestyle. Understanding what it is that is causing your bad breath is the first step in trying to correct it. When you have a healthy mouth, you will not have to worry about your breath smelling offensive.

Foods and the Manner in which They Affect Your Breath

All of the food that you consume ends up being broken down while inside of your mouth. As your body digests and absorbs the foods into your bloodstream, they will make their way into your lungs and present themselves in your breath. If you end up eating foods that have a strong odor, flossing or brushing your teeth is only going to mask the odor on a temporary basis. There is no way to eliminate the odor completely until all of the foods have made their way through your body.

Poor Habits and Their Attributes toward Foul Breath

If you fail to floss and brush your teeth on a daily basis, the food particles will end up staying in your mouth. When the food is allowed to remain on your teeth, they end up promoting the growth of bacteria between your teeth, on your tongue and around your gums. In the end, your breath is going to be the one suffering the consequences of the food particles on your teeth. An antibacterial rinse will help to minimize the amount of bacteria in your mouth. Food particles and odor-causing bacteria will end up causing you to have bad breath if you do not clean your dentures properly.

Chewing tobacco or smoking can cause your teeth to stain, irritate your gums and reduce your ability to be able to taste a variety of different foods. These items also cause your breath to smell badly, which is another downfall to using these products.

Bad Breath and Underlying Health Problems

For those who have a bad taste in their mouth or continual bad breath, it may be a warning sign of potential gum disease. Gum disease has been attributed to plaque buildup on your teeth. Bacteria end up causing the toxins to form inside of your mouth, which in turn, will end up irritating your gums. If the gum diseases remain untreated, it will end up causing damage to your jawbone and gums. Other causes of bad breath are yeast infections in your mouth, dental caries and an improperly fitted dental appliance.

Dry mouth has been known to cause bad breath. Your mouth needs saliva to help cleanse the mouth and moisten it by neutralizing the acids that are produced from plaque. It works to wash away all of the dead cells that end up accumulating on your tongue, cheeks and gums. If they are not properly removed, it will cause the cells to decompose and cause your breath to reek. Various medications, breathing through your mouth on a continual basis and salivary gland problems are all known to cause dry mouth.

Various other illnesses and diseases end up causing bad breath to occur. Some of those conditions that you need to be aware of are bronchitis, postnasal drip, chronic acid reflux, diabetes, chronic sinus infections, kidney problems and liver problems.

Prevention of Bad Breath

To help prevent or reduce the chance of bad breath occurring, follow these steps accordingly:

  • Make sure you are practicing proper oral hygiene. Brush your teeth twice daily with fluoride toothpaste to help aid in the removal of plaque and food debris. Take the time to brush after you finish eating a meal. Dont forget about brushing your tongue. Always replace your toothbrush every couple of months. Use a cleaner or floss to help remove any plaque and food particles from your teeth at least once per day. Remove your dentures in the evening and clean them before you place them into your mouth the next morning.

  • Schedule an appointment with your dentist at least twice annually. An oral examination and cleaning will occur, which will help aid in the detection and treatment of dry mouth, periodontal disease and any other factors that are attributing to your bad breath.

  • Cease using any chewing tobacco or smoking products. Ask for information on how you can help to break your habit.

  • Drink ample amounts of water. It will help to moisten your mouth. Sucking on candy or chewing on gum will help to stimulate your saliva glands, which helps to wash away bacteria and other food particles.

  • Make a journal all of the foods that you consume. If you believe that the foods you ear are the link to your bad breath, make sure to bring the log in with you at your regularly scheduled visit. Compile a list of all the medications that you take on a regular basis. Depending on the medication, it may be causing you to have a foul mouth odor.

Getting Help for Treating Your Bad Breath

The dentist can help you treat your foul smelling breath. If the dentist finds that you have a healthy mouth and it is not related to your oral hygiene, you may be referred to a specialist to help determine where it is that the bad breath is originating from to help you develop a plan of treatment. For those who have an odor relating to gum disease, the dentist will be able to refer you to a periodontist or work to treat the condition themselves.

Products for Effective Treatment of Bad Breath

Various mouthwashes can help to eliminate foul smelling breath. Bear in mind that these mouthwashes are only a temporary solution to masking your bad smelling breath. A number of rinses will help to kill the germs that are causing your bad breath instead of just covering it up. Make sure to speak with the professionals about which ones are going to work the best for your specific condition.


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